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ClearSky Power began operations in 2016 to serve the growing energy needs of Somaliland and East Africa with state-of-the-art renewable energy solutions.

We are a locally owned and registered energy services company with our main office in Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland.


Scott Kennedy

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As the CEO of CSP, Scott brings over 20 years experience in renewable energy based power systems. He has founded and directed engineering firms, social enterprises and nonprofit organizations across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

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Ibrahim Ibrahim

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As the CFO, Ibrahim is a qualified MBA graduate and Chartered Accountant with more than 21 years’ experience working in large blue chip multinationals. He is a sustainable development enthusiast and passionate about renewable energy.


Mohamed Abdilahi

Mohamed is a Solar Engineer.  He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Gollis University. He is interested in new technologies, sustainable energy, and computer programming. He has previously worked as auto electrician for two years.  


Khaalid Ahmed Awali

Khaalid is a Solar Engineer with a passion for renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and all things green. After graduating from EARTH University, Costa Rica, he co-founded a silage business that produces drought- tolerant animal feed.


Yahye Abdirahman Farah

Yahye is a Procurement and Logistics Assistant. He has a degree in Computer Science from New Generation University. He is passionate about technology, startups, and helping others. He has worked with multiple startups, including Dalmar and Star (DS) Aviation Fuel.

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Nuh Mohamed


Nuh is a Performance Engineer. He has a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. He is passionate about sustainable living practices and smart design He hopes his work will have a positive impact now, and into the future.

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Dan Naigambi

As the Remote Engineering Support, Dan brings 32 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining solar and hybrid power generation systems. Trained as an Electrical Engineer he has worked as an engineer, manager, and director for multiple engineering firms in East Africa. 


ClearSky Power has partnered with Nomad Energy to provide advanced solar energy solutions to businesses, institutions, and individuals based in Puntland.


Nomad Energy is the key focal point for all our work in Puntland and the go to business for designing and installing high quality and affordable solar.

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Installation, Maintenance and Repair Service

Investment Certificate

Tax Clearance Certificate

Import License

Commercial License No: 2465

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